Are you ready to uncover the legend?

This 2D point-and-click PC adventure showcases Filipino history and culture amidst the backdrop of Japanese occupation during World War II. 

A young village girl, Quina (pronounced "KEE-nah") Laban, helps a dwarf named Edgar translate a mysterious ancient scroll sought by evil creatures, hoping that uncovering this secret will explain why she suddenly gains the power to see Tagalog words everywhere she turns. The player will embark on quests to help the magical forest, fight mythical creatures of the Philippines, and learn some Tagalog vocabulary.  

Our primary target audience are ages 13-30. Game content will contain themes of war that may require parental guidance. 



Explore the magical forests of Mindanao as you aid local villagers, resolve disputes between magical creatures, and restore balance between the human and magical realm.


Throughout your quest, you will encounter ancient Filipino magical creatures hindering your way forward. Learn spells and attacks to fight them!


Collect Tagalog words and build your dictionary to translate a mysterious ancient scroll.