Frequently Asked Questions



Why did you make this game?

Because we wanted a game full of Filipinos. And we wanted a fantasy game. Thus, we made a Filipino fantasy game. For a much more detailed explanation, check out Pattie's blog article on the topic.


When will the game be available?

The InterIntellectus Studio team is currently playtesting and polishing our current demo. This demo will be used to promote and advertise our future crowdfunding campaign meant to raise enough funds to build and release the full game. 

We want to make it perfectly clear that we will make this game no matter how much money we are able to raise. However, how quickly we are able to build it and to what level of professional quality will depend on the amount of money raised. 

We hope to launch our crowdfunding campaign by October 2017.


Where will I be able to get the game once it's complete?

The full game will be available for both Windows and iOS computers. We are still deciding how and where you will able to download the game. 


Will the game have a mobile/tablet version?

This is something we would be interested in developing in the future, but that would require more funds. We would also likely change up gameplay for a mobile game to give it more longevity. Let’s focus on getting the PC version done first.


Are we open to working with other game studios, designers, artists, engineers, etc. to build the game?

ABSOLUTELY! If you are interested in helping us make The Girl Who Sees a polished and compelling video game, please get in touch with us.