We are live!

July 22, 2017

Hello, universe! 

We at InterIntellectus Games are pleased and excited to launch our website for The Girl Who Sees!

We are still hard at work, polishing and play-testing our demo, so that we can release it to all of you to play and enjoy. Shortly after we release our demo, we will launch an Indiegogo campaign to raise enough funds to build the complete game. Donating to our campaign will ensure that you receive a copy of the game once it is complete. 

How can you stay in touch with us in the meantime? Follow us on Twitter at THE_GirlWhoSees for weekly updates on our progress. Spread the word!

As we get closer to our crowdfunding campaign, we will start an e-mail subscriber list for those who want all the latest updates. 

Thank you for helping us make The Girl Who Sees a reality!

- the TGWS team