Week 2 of the funding campaign

Kumusta na, mga kaibigan?

[How's it going, friends?]

We over at InterIntellectus Games are doing great! We've got some updates for you.

Crossing Our Fingers!

Our Indiegogo campaign is currently funded at 14% of our minimum funding level of $30,000. We’ve still got a long way to go and only 6 weeks left to raise funds.

If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to visit our Indiegogo page and pledge funds to help us reach our goal. You can pre-order an e-copy of the game for just $9 (450 PHP). We also have a range of great perks packages for you to check out.

The Little Demo That Could


We appreciate your patience as we’ve been working out the small bugs that come with posting a demo to a website for the first time. We’ve updated the demo on the website 6 times already since our October 1st launch, and will continue until we have all the features that we want to show you.

Features in the demo that we want to highlight include:

  • Our intro cutscene that places Quina’s story in context

  • Our adventure and battle tutorials

  • The “Enter a Battle” option that generates a different battle grid every time

  • Baybayin > Tagalog > English language learning and Tagalog pronunciation audio

What's this image you keep seeing?

Anting icon large.png

An anting-anting, agumat, galing, or just anting is simply an amulet. There many different types of anting-anting, and they are most commonly used to repel trouble or to protect the user from harm. Anting-anting hold a special place in Philippine culture, and their use traces back to pre-colonial Philippines. 

Anting-anting come in many designs. The one you see here is Quina's anting. This particular amulet is reminiscent of many "evil-eye" protection charms. What kind of power does it hold? You'll find out.

Pattie’s Radio Debut

TGWS team captain Pattie will be interviewed on RMN IloIlo's radio program "Pilipinas sa Amerika" and it will be live-streamed on Rmn Iloilo's Facebook page this Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 10:30pm (Eastern Standard Time) in the U.S. / Sunday, October 15, 2017 at 10:30am (Philippines Time). Tune in to hear about Pattie's experiences as a Filipina-American and her journey to The Girl Who Sees.

There’s More to Come

We are working on releasing more on planned game features, storyline, and characters to get you excited! Look out for our updates on Facebook and Twitter over the coming weeks.

A happy rest of your week!

Much love,

The Girl Who Sees team at InterIntellectus Games