Call for Volunteer Voice Actors for
Characters and Creatures

Interested in auditioning?
Look over these instructions and download a voice packet below:

Here are a few instructions:
❏ All character packets include a “Vocal Age.” That’s of course the desired age for the character, not the actor. If you can fit in the range, go for it!
❏ Most character and creature packets include a reference link. This is not a strict reference. Rather, these are suggestions that you may want to consider.
❏ If you have an alternate interpretation for a character, don’t hesitate to include it in your clip. Simply include some kind of explanation of/for the alternate interpretation.
❏ Please state your name and creature/character at the start of the audio clip.
❏ Please follow the naming convention included in the packet for the audio clip that you’re going to send.
❏ Please send the audio clip in the following format: 48khz/24-bit WAV file to with the character/s you are auditioning for in the subject line. Also, include the microphone used and if possible a photo of the recording space.

Most importantly, we hope you have fun! We’re excited to hear your interpretation of the character or creature for the game.

If you are in the DC/MD/VA area: We’re conducting a 2-day recording session June 23-24th. Please feel free to come by! Details to follow.

Deadline for volunteers in the DC/MD/VA area is on June 14, 2018 11:59pm ET. For volunteers outside the area, deadline is on June 20, 2018 11:59pm ET.

Results for the DC/MD/VA area will be released on June 15, 2018. Results for volunteers outside the area will be June 21, 2018.

We are searching for voice actor volunteers because we are not able to provide any monetary compensation. You will get a voice acting credit included when the game is shipped. If you have any questions, please contact Francesco at 



Explore the magical forests of Mindanao Quina is a 12-year old poor village girl, the daughter of a rice farmer and a laundress, living in Mindanao during the Japanese invasion in WWII. Quina is a loner, due to the fact that she’s shunned because she doesn’t get to go to school. She has a bit of a spunky, defiant streak, but overall she is very good-natured.



Edgar (age 162) was born and raised in the forests of Mindanao. He likes cause mischief and pull pranks on humans and other forest-dwellers. As a forest spirit, Edgar has magical abilities and can throw a good kick when he feels like it.



Considered one of the main elders of the forest, he's surly and short-tempered. But deep down he cares about the forest and its creatures. He usually only helps those who come to him on the condition that they do something for him first. 


Quina’s mother, in her early 30s, kind-faced with sad eyes/smile, her face is beautiful but it shows signs of worry and fatigue. Her beauty and kind nature are well-known throughout the town. Her husband was killed in a farming incident a year ago, and now she must provide for herself and her daughter.


A rice farmer in the village. He works in in the fields everyday. He has a calm demeanor and an easy smile. He works to support his wife and their many children.



A benevolent goddess of rice who has a calming face and voice, and carries herself with graceful imperiousness.



The Tikbalang is a demon creature with the upper body of a human and unusually long, powerful legs that resemble the rear half of a horse. Legend has it that anyone who can mount the tikbalang and pluck a golden hair from its nape can tame the beast and make it a willing slave. In its element however, the tikbalang, powerful as it is, does not hurt or kill people. At worst, it leads people and plays mischievous tricks on their senses.



This fearsome carabao-humanoid demon is a key henchman of the evil god Asuang.


This demon disguises itself as a stray dog and roams human villages to spy on humans. Upon attack, it changes into its true form.

ugaw sprite.png


Beings which move quickly and are hard to see. If they discover where you keep your rice, they will steal some of it. They know by the spillage some people leave by their bins.



This demon disguises itself as a wild boar in order to lure hunters out.Upon attack, it changes into its true form.