Call for Volunteer Voice Actors for
Characters and Creatures

The call for volunteer voice actors is still on-going!

EXTENDED: We’re still accepting submissions. Please browse through and email us at if you have any question!

Look over these instructions and download a voice packet below:
❏ All character packets include a “Vocal Age.” That’s of course the desired age for the character, not the actor. If you can fit in the range, go for it!
❏ Most character and creature packets include a reference link. This is not a strict reference. Rather, these are suggestions that you may want to consider.
❏ If you have an alternate interpretation for a character, don’t hesitate to include it in your clip. Simply include some kind of explanation of/for the alternate interpretation.
❏ Please state your name and creature/character at the start of the audio clip.
❏ Please follow the naming convention included in the packet for the audio clip that you’re going to send.
❏ Please send the audio clip in the following format: MONO 48khz/24-bit WAV file to with the character/s you are auditioning for in the subject line. Also, if possible please include the microphone used and a photo of the recording space.

You DO NOT need any prior experience to submit an audition. We are hoping to attract many Filipinos and/or Filipino diaspora voice actors to our roster. With that said, any individual is welcome to submit an audition. Most importantly, we hope you have fun! We’re excited to hear your interpretation of these character and creatures.

We are searching for voice actor volunteers because we are not able to provide any monetary compensation. Although you will most definitely receive your due voice acting credits in the game’s closing credits. If you have any questions, please contact Francesco at 
- LORD ASUANG, a Bikolano god



Considered one of the main elders of the forest, he's surly and short-tempered. But deep down he cares about the forest and its creatures. He usually only helps those who come to him on the condition that they do something for him first. 

TGWS-boss gabunan02.jpg


They are the experienced, oldest, strongest, and most cunning Aswangs. They usually don’t shape-shift into animals and remain strong and powerful during the day.


He is one of the first officers to set foot in the village. Because he is patient and tries to shield villagers from the wrath of other soldiers, he is generally liked by the villagers for his fairness and respect.

TGWS-Datu Sumak.png


Antonio is a civil engineer in peacetime. He is in his early 30s, married, and has several children. His wife Salud and their children are hiding in the jungle.


Chief of the local Maguindanao (Muslim) tribe that lives in the furthest corner of the village, creating a sort of ethnic enclave of their own. Datu Sumak’s main priority is the preservation of his tribe and his secret efforts supporting the guerrillas hiding in the forests.



The village albularya is a small, wrinkly old woman who lives at the forest’s edge of town. She is always willing to help any villagers who visit her to seek healing.